PAGE  302  - SEPTEMBER 6, 2007

Conductor "Big Dick" Greene pulls the pin!

Dick Greene
Always the truest of gentlemen!

Our best friend Dick "Big Dick" Greene, Yard Conductor extraordinaire and salt of the earth kinda guy retired from Southampton Street Yard during the first week of September, 2007. Dick worked for the railroad many years ago and returned later on in life to experience the magic and sometimes out of control mayhem.

Big Dick and Louie

dickgreenrun.jpg (17152 bytes)
"Big Dick" in uniform.... One place he did not like to be.

One good reason why railroading is such a good life.
We bitch and moan and groan al the time but railroad life can also be the best of times.
Good friends rally around the good guy on his retirement day.
(All photos by Yardmaster Billy O'Brien)

"A faithful friend is the medicine of life."
-- Apocrypha


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