PAGE  290  - APRIL 1, 2007

On March 30, 2007, Officer Joe Davis retired from the railroad after many years of dedicated service to the railroad, his fellow railroaders and its' passengers.
Besides being a good guy, Joe was a loyal and dedicated friend to all of us.

Here we find Joe hamming it up with Lynn and Dannielle.

Looks like the big tough guy is getting a little emotional here as he poses with
that Sweeney Fella.

Joe made a lot of people happy by just being Joe.
Hit the above link to see a tribute video to Joe with
some footage of his final day at the railroad.

Joe and a friend.

"No man can always be right. So the struggle is to do one's best, to keep the brain and conscience clear, never be swayed by unworthy motives or inconsequential reasons, but to strive to unearth the basic factors involved, then do one's duty."
Dwight D. Eisenhower



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