PAGE  274  - DECEMBER 9, 2006

Guess who?

When he sent me this photo, he entitled it "be careful what you wish for!"

This big stud is one of my best and most loyal friends.
He's had his not so fair share of curve balls thrown at him throughout his railroad life but he always survived and came back strong and sound.

He's a what-you-see, what-you-get type guy. Nothing phony about him. If he has something to say, you'll hear it from him, but that's exactly why people such as I love him!

You can see him in the photo below.........Any idea yet?

And here he is being a bad boy way back in 1990!


And here he is again in 2003!

It's none other than Conductor Kevin Thoms and like he noted, "be careful what you wish for!"

Who ever would have imagined that the little brat way up above would have turned into this true credit to humanity. Let's all hope that if the Martians invade our planet some day and take human beings back to Mars with them, they'll take the likes of this wonderful guy as an example of everything that is good about humanity and the human race.


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