PAGE 142  - POSTED JANUARY 17, 2004

Here are an interesting selection of photos from South Station/Boston Terminal Company.
These great photos were taken and submitted by Jack Clifford, who was employed by the Boston Terminal Company from 1945 to 1960.

The old Union News Stand at South Station prior to demolition. Ancient photos of South Station from the early 1900's show this stand in operation.

The wreckers ball destroys South Station. There was no need for this nonsense. Thankfully, enough of South Station was left intact so at least it still looks like a shadow of its' former self, unlike Pennsylvania Station in New York City which was totally destroyed.

The "Stone and Webster" Building, another true credit to architectural creativity (not) replaced what was the south side of this great station.


This is the old track 27 & 28 in the subway under the So. Postal Annex.
The jitney driver is David (Bunny) Cahill.



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