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A single Budd Car for the "Midland" prepares to depart South Station on a dreary fall afternoon in 1973.
I remember heading over to South Station many an afternoon after my high school day at Don Bosco Tech. Most of the guys who worked over there were pretty nice to my friends and I, but on occasion, we'd run into some ballbuster who'd start screaming at us for one dumb assed reason or another.
It was always fun hearing some drunken railroader scream, "Get the f??? out of here...Don't you stupid kids know you can get  f'in  hurt here?" Then, after threatening to call the "railroad dicks" on us, he'd stumble off, probably back to his bottle.

Amtrak E-8 waits for it's train at New Haven Station.  Summer 1974

Ooooops! The "Milton Branch job" has derailed on it's way to Walter Baker Chocolate as a MBTA "high speed" trolley from Mattapan rolls by.
Apparently it wasn't a big deal for the crew because if you look in the upper right hand corner of the photo you'll see the locomotive spotting it's cars.
During my Don Bosco Technical High School days, I had four years on riding those trolleys from Milton Lower Mills Station to Ashmont. They were ancient relics back then, and are still running today. The "Milton Branch" has since been turned into a bike path.

(Thanks to CSX Matt for tipping me off on the typo. Brother Julius would be proud of you.)


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