There Goes A Railroadman.


Today the railroad gods have taken him from us, but let us all find peace and comfort in knowing that in fact he is still and forever with us.

 Be it known that railroadmen like Manny Pacheco, who may physically depart from the railroad, possess a certain unique soul that shall forever live on with us, for this soul and it’s spirit embeds itself in everyone and everything that is railroad.

 His spirit shall live on in every whistle of the approaching train......

 The bright glow of his goodness shall be seen by us in every distant headlight of the great train…..

 And in each railroader’s heart and soul this goodness and greatness of Manny Pacheco will be cherished and loved and remembered with such deep and everlasting passion.

 Let us also take great satisfaction in knowing that the likes of Manny Pacheco, railroadman, will be looking down upon us from railroad heaven....Though he is now at peace, he will forever be there with us, his presence as solid as the mighty steel rails beneath us, guiding us through our own great journey of railroad life.

 Let us remember his smile.

 Let us remember his wit.

 Let us remember him as a devoted, caring man who represented every bit of the goodness and steadfast pride that drives our passion for our love of this railroad life we forever live.

 Let us be thankful that he shared his railroad life with us…..This great railroadman.

 And let us take comfort in knowing well that that his spirit lives on with us.