In loving memory of
Father - Friend - Gentleman - Railroadman
Boston Terminal Company - Penn Central - Amtrak
"Even when the loss of his presence gives us pain,
still a certain pleasure arises in our mourning and lamentation;
for pain is felt at the loss of the beloved,
but pleasure in remembering him,
and, as it were, seeing him as he lived and moved."

"A passage from the Rhetoric of Aristotle"

Welcome to the U.S.
Rail Transportation Office
Lichterfelde - West Station, Berlin

Written by Mark's Friend Jack Clifford

Mark A. Gorham

Yardmaster - 1951 To 1953

  In 1943, 13 year old Mark A. Gorham went to work for The Boston Terminal Co. South Station. While working nights he went to Mission High School days and graduated with honors.

In 1951 four of us went into the army. Mark went to Berlin where he ran The Rail Transportation office.  Mike Nee and Jack Clifford went to Germany. John Welch went to Alaska. Mike left the station for the Boston Fire Dept. and I went driving trucks.
Mark, 47 years and John, 45 years stayed and took EARLY retirement.


Well, I think I hear my train a comin'!