Updated August 25, 2006

Welcome to "I Know A Railroader!"

Throughout these pages you will find tributes to some of the many great people who work for the railroad.....

Dedicated, hard working folks who always give 100 plus percent, and in return, get nothing but a paycheck and some personal satisfaction.

I chose to create this tribute to my fellow railroaders because if I didn't do it, nobody else would.

The railroad and it's management aren't known for doing very much very well, but the one thing they always seem to consistently excel at (besides doing a great job of demoralizing the good people of this poor excuse for a railroad)  is continuously overlook the good things the great people of the railroad do, day in and day out.

You don't have to be a brain surgeon to figure out why this must be.

You take a good hard look at the many fakers and clowns they have elevated into, ahem, "leadership" positions and you'll see that most of them don't have the common sense and or brainpower to manage a lemonade stand.

Our not-so-fearless leaders are great at patting themselves on the back for their trivial accomplishments, but when all hell breaks loose, they are usually nowhere to be found. These phonies will come out in full force when there's a TV camera around or when one of their proclaimed gods of the railroad are in town, but when it comes time to merely thank a real railroader for doing a good job, these fakers simply disappear....Nowhere to be found.

A perfect example of this was  the "genius," formerly in DC, who's claim to fame was firing employees (most of whom got their jobs back mind you). Ask this faker to commend one of his folks for a job well done and the clown won't even acknowledge the request.....And yes we all know why! This customer service faker, and others like him, see good railroaders doing great things as a threat to their very own job security. You won't find these fakers meeting a train to thank a crew for a job well done, but you will find them hiding behind a signal box or phone booth to see if that very same crew has their name tags on.

Just a bunch of fakers who represent everything that has always been wrong with the railroad.

So take some time to meet some of  the real heroes of the railroad.

These are the folks who represent everything that is so very right about railroading!

The railroad is lucky to have the likes of them in its' employ and we are all lucky to have them as co-workers and most importantly, great friends.


  John Perullo   Ken Washington
  Joe Burgess   Tom Driscoll
John Manning